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PUBG Alternative Games :

     In this post, you can play similar games instead of PUBG Game. And you can also say alternative of PUBG Game. The decision that the Government of India has taken for our country. Through this, this PUBG Game is tied. Many other mobile applications have also been tied. It was very nice to play with us. But the Government of India banded those applications. - Top PUBG Alternative Games

     This alternative game is named FAU-G Game, World War Heroes, Hopeless Land Fight for Survival, and Fortnite Game.

     So now whenever we have to play PUBG Game in free time, a new game has come in its place which will give the feel of PUBG Game. Which is absolutely free. So I am going to tell you about such 4 game information. So let's know without delay. - Top PUBG Alternative Games

1. World War Heroes:

     Todoston this game is also an online comback game. By playing this game, you get PUBG Game Feelings on FPS Mode. In this, you get many modes such as, Team Battle, Combacrules, One Life Battle and Custom Fold etc. And friends, this game is also multi-layer game. This game is also a good poetry and graphics. You can play this World War Heroes game for free. - Top PUBG Alternative Games

 2. Hopeless Land Fight for Survival:

     This game is a fight. If you have to survive, in the game, in the way you had to survive in PUBG game, till the last you have to survive in this game. This game will get great graphics and sound quality. If you play for the first time, then it will look completely like a PUBG Game. This game is very similar to PUBG Game. The concept is also similar to the PUBG Game. In this game you can also talk with your partner and play easily. - Top PUBG Alternative Games

 3. Fortnite Game:

     This game is very popular in computers. This game also came in mobile sometime back. But it was unfortunate, you can download and play this game APK file. Friends, this game is very good. This game is an online multiplayer game. In this also you will get semiconcept. It also has friends Johndred players, a lander descends. And there you have to add weapons. And you have to serve yourself. And they have to be dismissed by enemies. - Top PUBG Alternative Games

     This game is quite popular in foreign countries. A lot of people play in India too, but not as much as Femos, as friends. The graphics and sound of this game are better and better.

4. FAU-G:

     This game was created in India. The game will launch in late October 2020. This game is similar to PUBG Game key. This is the same concept of the game. This game is made by Indian company only. Twenty percent of the game will go to our real heroes. So this is the best thing. Its name has spread very fast and quickly in India. So the demand for this game is going to be very high. - Top PUBG Alternative Games


     Todoston Totalchar Games that you can play on the place of PUBG Game.

     I hope that you will choose Swadeshi. And you would have liked this information. - Top PUBG Alternative Games

 Thank you….

Top PC Games - Racing Games - Action Games - War games

What are the top 6 most popular videogames?

     Today friends, I would like to tell you about some such PC Game. Which you can easily play in your Windows computer for free. And enjoy it. So let's get to know about her.

Which is the No 1 game in India?

1. Forza apex:

     You can download this PC Games for free from Windows stores. This game is a racing car game. And friends, about seven to eight such games will be found in the Windows Store. So friends, you will find a lot of Forza apex game's Demo of Forza 3, Forza 4. You can download all this. But its graphics in Forza apex Game is very good. It seems a little reality while playing the game. In this game, it can be difficult to make the first turn. But as soon as you get the greed to play the game then you will enjoy it a lot. - Top PC Games


2. Killer instinct Game:

     You will get this Killer instinct game free from Microsoft. to your computer. But this game is for Windows 10 If your computer has old Windows then this game will not be visible to you for downloading. This game will only run on systems above Windows 10. This game is a 33 GB game, for this you need to be a big size computer, only then this game will be able to run smooth. - Top PC Games


3. Asphalt 4:

     We might have played this game in Friends Asphalt 4. This game is a racing car game. But if you want to play in better graphics and bigger screen, then you will get it for free in Windows Store. Turn off the test drive, if you play with the Key Board, then you will feel better. Its graphics are also good. - Top PC Games


4. Fortnite:

     This is another game like Game Pubg, people who cannot play Pubg can play Fortnite Game. What's in it friends, if you want to play this pub live game in Windows, then you have to apply for its license. So in that you have to pay money. So if you have to play Pubg and that too for free then you can download it in Fortnite Game Free and play it in your Windows computer. - Top PC Games


5. Gods of Rome Game:

     If you have to install the game with Fight, then the second Killer instinct Game is not running above the computer in your computer, then you can play Gods of Rome Game in your system and install it for free. Characters in it are of a very different type, it also has super power. And the graphics of this game are also very good. - Top PC Games


6. Gangstar New Orleans Game:

     If you can't buy GTA and play. So you can install this Gangstar New Orleans Game and play it for free. It does not have such good graphics but the game will play for the game. Once you will definitely play this game in all your systems, because this game runs well in Android, then it will also run well in your computer. - Top PC Games

Which is the biggest PC game?

     All these games are available in Windows stores from where you can download for free. To download just one game Fornite Game you have to resort to Google. - Top PC Games


     So friends, hope that you will like this information. - Top PC Games


     If you want to know about any new Computer Software and Mobile Application, then you can share me by writing in the comment box. And you can also share me in contact form. - Top PC Games


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Best Free Android Apps | What are the best Android apps for free?

What is the most useful apps for Android?

Hello friends, today I will tell you about two such applications that will be useful to you every day. And by using that application, you can complete your important and special work without forgetting it over time. And that too for free from Saif and Secure, you will be able to run this application in your Android phone. - Best Free Android Apps

1. Pinnit:

     So friends, this application size is around 2 Mb. That means very little space. And this application has been developed in India. You can use it simple by going to Google Play Store in your mobile phone and installing it in a simple way. This application is going to be of great use to you. If you have to do your important or special work. And you should not forget that is why you keep a note in it and keep a label about the work at which time you have to work, at that time you have to set the time. And as soon as its time, you will remind you through notifications in your mobile phone and you will be able to complete your important work in time. - Best Free Android Apps

     This means that this application will remind you about any important work through notifications. For this you have to save the note label and time in this application. Only then will he notify on time. And when the work is complete, then the knot also has to be erased in the application. - Best Free Android Apps


2. NotiEasy:

     Friends, the size of this application is up to 8 Mb. This application has been developed in Vietnam. The function of this application is to assume that a lot of notifications have come in your mobile phone and you get upset after seeing it and clear all the notifications that have gone away. And in that, many times you also get the necessary notifications. So this NotiEasy application saves your notifications. You have to see what notifications came after clearing all…? They can use this application to see. And you can complete the work with your required notification. - Best Free Android Apps


     In this application you can also block any unnecessary notifications. And you can complete the time without disturbing yourself.



     So friends, I hope that this information will work somewhere and you will like it together.

Best Free Android Apps Note:

     Friends, if you use any application, then take care of it because there are many types of applications which are not right for us and anyone. If you are using any application, always keep in mind that your important data is not being stolen, is it? Any application should be used only by knowing about it or else it can ruin you. - Best Free Android Apps


     For this, you will be told that you should only use the application available from Google Play Store and Trusted website. And do not use any application by visiting any website. And the software in your computer should also be safe and secure, also check that our computer and file-document is clean ...? Do check him If you do not find any application or software right, then delete it immediately. - Best Free Android Apps


     If you have any doubt and want to know about any mobile application or know about any computer software, then you can share me by writing to Contact Us. I will definitely try to convey his information to you. - Best Free Android Apps


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Improve your computer with Driver Booster.

Driver Booster, Driver
windows update

Driver Update computer with Driver Booster.:

     So the first question is, what is the driver located in the computer or laptop ...?, How do we update the Out Date Driver ...?, Why it is necessary to update the Out Date Driver ...? - Driver Booster


     The first question is, why is it important to keep the driver updated in your computer or laptop…? So the answer is, put any hardware in your computer. For example, the driver is first installed in connection with the external mouse connected to your computer. If you have Keyboard or Mobile Connect, then a driver is also installed in relation to it. In this, Windows does not know which hardware is it ...? So let Windows know that. Driver is required. So it communicates with any of your external devices through Windows - Driver. Due to which the driver becomes very important and necessary. - Driver Booster

     It first installs Driver. Then later on your external things connected to that driver are able to run. So using Driver, commands our system. So similarly with this command, we are able to run any external parts through our hardware. - Driver Booster

     So if you do not update the driver from time to time, then it will not be able to run in your computer or laptop easily. Even if it will run, firstly no external device will be connected, it will happen three to four times. Then later it starts to connect. Many times it is not connected at all and even when it is connected, it does not work. If this kind of problem comes, then it means that now it is necessary to update the driver. It is not that there is only driver for external parts and there are many drivers too. Just like Intel's Driver, there are many more drivers available. So it is also necessary to update it from time to time. - Driver Booster

     But we do not know that which driver is this…? And where is it kept ...? And how to update that driver ...? - Driver Booster

     So let's know about this. So the first thing to do is to go to the Control Panel in the computer. Or if your computer has Windows 8 or 10, then below simple you have to type Driver Manager in the search in Taskbar. After that Driver Manager will see you and click on it to enter. Once you enter, you will get a list of all the drivers. In it, you have to select all the drivers in turn by right clicking on each driver and you are on Upadate Driver. After that a window will open in which you can update by clicking Search Automatically For Drivers. And after clicking Search Automatic For Drivers, Search For Updated Drivers On Windows Update will come. So you just have to click on it and let Windows get drivers. So you can update all the drivers in this way. - Driver Booster


     If you do not have to select Driver Update in turn, there is also a Free Software to update Driver which you can use and update all Drivers in one click. So this software name is Driver Booster.


Driver Booster:

     So to eliminate all this problem, you can use Driver Booster Free software. In this, you have to open the software and click on Scan, then after the scan, you will tell all about the driver that this new version of Driver has come. Then you will tell the list of all driver on the same. And whatever you need to do Driver Update. Marking it and updating all can update all the drivers in a single click. And automatic install will also be done. You will not need to do anything. So any driver in your computer will automatically update it. And by updating from time to time, the problem in your computer will be seen at least. - Driver Booster

     You can install this software in your computer or laptop and click on the scan button and update all the drivers in one click. There is nothing else to do. All drivers can be updated with just one click. - Driver Booster


Driver Update conclusion:

     Click here for this Driver Booster free software.

     So friends, I hope that this information will work for you. And will help improve your computer or laptop.

     I thank all of you….

How to keep Android Mobile safe and secure ...?

Android, Android Tips, Android Tricks.
Mobile Setting Tips

Android mobile tips:

So friends, today I would like to tell you information about some Android Mobile Tips. Which you can implement in your Android Mobile and you can complete your work easily without being disturbed.

      So let's know about those Mobile Tips.

1. Call Security: 

Yes friends, in your Android Mobile Phone, you want that apart from me, no one can call from my mobile, then you can keep this security for yourself. In this, it happens many times that our phone is lying on the table, then you go to work for the same reason for some reason and if someone calls someone from your phone and tells someone wrong, then you get stuck. . And many times we live with friends, so if our friend takes our phone and calls someone and does not make a dirty joke, he can also use these tips.

So how can we do Call Security in AndroidMobile Phone ...? So let's know those steps. You have to follow this step well.


Step 1:

 First you have to open the keypad with the call number in your mobile phone, in that you have to dial * # 31 #. All your outgoing calls will be tied as soon as you dial this number. And a small popup will come in that it will be written like Outgoing Caller ID Call Not Restricted. And below there will be an OK button, then you have to activate it by pressing the OK button. By doing this, all the contacts of your mobile will be outgoing tied.

So you can also open it at the time as per your wish. The longer you have to block the outgoing call, the longer you can keep it.


Step 2:

     Now if you need to make a call, then this security code has to be opened. So to open this security, you can activate the outgoing call again by applying another code. So for this, you have to open the number keypad again and dial # 31 #, as soon as you dial, a small popup will open which says that the outgoing Call Service Disabled means that the security you had kept is deactivated and you Click OK. Now you can call. So friends, in this way you will be able to keep your mobile phone safe.


     So friends, this code hides whatever Show My Caller ID in your phone. Because of which any call from your phone is unable to go. So in such a situation that you do not want to block any outgoing call from your phone, then you can secure the call by dialing this code.


2. Google Account SYNC / Auto SYNC:

     You must know this feature. This Google Account SYNC / Auto SYNC setting is available in all Android Mobile Phones.

     You will go to the settings of AndroidMobile. There you will get the option of Account and SYNC to be entered by clicking on it. Apart from that you will see Google Account on the same, if your phone is of Mi, then you will also tell Mi Account. But you just have to choose Google and not someone else. After clicking enter on Google Account, you will get many such options like SYNC Calendar, SYNC Contact, SYNC Gmail. So you have to do SYNC. Which is important for you.

     So by doing SYNC, your Gmail, your contacts and everything else you have done SYNC. It will be saved in your Google Gmail Account. This has the advantage of being mobile format without taking all the data by mistake. Or the mobile fell or broke or was stolen. In such a situation, when you add your Gmail account to your extra phone or new phone, then all your important contacts, emails that you have synced can get all the important data back.

Android Conclusion:

     I chose Google Account because it exists everywhere. It runs smoothly in all mobiles or computers or laptops and is filled with confidence that no one will be able to steal our data from there. So I would say that you should choose Google instead of choosing someone else.

 This Google Account is safe and secure for us. And to be used in a simple way.


So friends, I hope that this information will work for you. And will simplify your work.


     I thank all of you….

Battery Saver App - Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Smartphones

Battery Saver App, du battery saver, battery saver tips, power saver mode, battery management apps.
Battery Saver App

Battery Saver App :

Nowadays a lot of applications are being received in the era. Sometimes people install cheating applications but we do not know that we are getting wasted due to these applications. Such applications will not be right for you…? I am going to give you information about that. By installing it in your phone, you can make your life and your phone safer and better. Therefore, I want to give you information about the applications, so that you can avoid getting wasted by installing the wrong applications. - Battery Saver App

Gravity Screen:

This Gravity Screen application can be used to save your phone battery. So, let us know how this application works. We are sometimes in a hurry, when we keep such displays in the pocket or pocket without locking, then this application locks it by pressing the automatic power button and locking your display. And you can use it again by applying the correct password you kept at the time of use. - Battery Saver App

 Even if you have a habit of keeping the table inverted, your phone will go into sleep mode with the help of this Gravity Screen application. Which will make your phone battery last longer. In this you can set the degree and angle according to the kind of angle or degree you have set. Upon coming to that angle or degree, your phone will go into sleep mode. - Battery Saver App

Sometimes, even when in the pocket, the display of the phone continues to touch by displaying the phone, then this application will not do this. When you install this application, you will make the setting according to yourself, then the display of your phone will automatically turn off. And through this application, the phone battery will also run for a long time. - Battery Saver App

Usage Analyzer:

The work of this application is that on which application you are using more time. In this, according to the day, seven days, and in a month, how much time you have given information about it. You will get a chart like in this application. Which will give you all the information. Through this application, in which day you will give information about which application you use more. In this, you will know in the timeline in history, how many times in a day, in which time you will get information about which application you have used for so long. - Battery Saver App

So knowing this thing, you will be able to control it. In this Usage Analyzer application, you will also know that how much space does the application prevent and how big is it, you can also remove the useless application from here. Due to which the speed of your phone and storage space in the phone will also increase. And with this, which application eats the most net data, it will also be known and knowing that you will be able to control it. - Battery Saver App

And I will tell you all the information about the new upcoming application in the future. So friends, hope you will like this information. - Battery Saver App


Keep in mind that when you see any applications in the market, you should first go to Google and read about them. And while installing in mobile, you should only use Google Play Store. Those applications are available in Google Play Store, you should use them.

Thank you all…. - Battery Saver App

Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder, best screen recorder, bandicam download, free screen video recorder.

Free Screen Recorder:

Today we will give information about three free software and which will run best in the system. That may work for you. Before installing any software in your computer or laptop, it should be thoroughly investigated and that software will keep your data safe and secure, it is also necessary to know that information. - Free Screen Recorder

When you install any new software or application in your computer or laptop, do a search in Google once and know about it. Only then you have to install and use that software application in your computer or laptop. - Free Screen Recorder

So in the same way, you will give information about the software that works properly and keep your data safe and secure. By using which you can work with ease keeping your work fixed. - Free Screen Recorder

So let's know about those free software ....

Blender Software:

This software is very popular. Because it is used by the Blender Software professor. This Blender Software is used for 3D graphics where you can also create animations, create 3D printed models, create Mosan graphics, and create interactive 3D graphics, and the biggest thing is that computers You can create games here. This Blender Software is absolutely free. - Free Screen Recorder

But this software is a bit difficult, you have to learn. You can take help of YouTube to learn, you can learn from it for free. Once you have learned how to run this software, you will be of great use. And you can also earn from it.

Discord Software:

If you are a gamer, then you must have heard the name of this Discord Software. This Discord Software is used by more and more gamers. Many times while playing a game, you have to send voice, photo, and video or text to someone, then you can send it with the help of this software. And you can call, chat, video or message with anyone in it. This software runs in any system. That is, this software also runs on Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux. And this software is absolutely free, there is no type of chargeable. So, you can use this software in a simple way. And you can play gaming well. - Free Screen Recorder

OBS Software:

The full name of this OBS Software is Open Broadcaster Software. With the help of this software, you can do video recording. In addition, you can also do live streaming online. You can also go live while playing a game that is YouTube live. This software can be used by installing in Windows, Linux, and Mac. - Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder Software:

 I hope that this information has come for your use. If you find this information good and useful, then you will definitely lionize your friends.

     If you want information or information about any software, then you can lion by writing me a comment. I will definitely try to get it in front of you.

     Thank you all…. - Free Screen Recorder

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