Battery Saver App - Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Smartphones

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Battery Saver App

Battery Saver App :

Nowadays a lot of applications are being received in the era. Sometimes people install cheating applications but we do not know that we are getting wasted due to these applications. Such applications will not be right for you…? I am going to give you information about that. By installing it in your phone, you can make your life and your phone safer and better. Therefore, I want to give you information about the applications, so that you can avoid getting wasted by installing the wrong applications. - Battery Saver App

Gravity Screen:

This Gravity Screen application can be used to save your phone battery. So, let us know how this application works. We are sometimes in a hurry, when we keep such displays in the pocket or pocket without locking, then this application locks it by pressing the automatic power button and locking your display. And you can use it again by applying the correct password you kept at the time of use. - Battery Saver App

 Even if you have a habit of keeping the table inverted, your phone will go into sleep mode with the help of this Gravity Screen application. Which will make your phone battery last longer. In this you can set the degree and angle according to the kind of angle or degree you have set. Upon coming to that angle or degree, your phone will go into sleep mode. - Battery Saver App

Sometimes, even when in the pocket, the display of the phone continues to touch by displaying the phone, then this application will not do this. When you install this application, you will make the setting according to yourself, then the display of your phone will automatically turn off. And through this application, the phone battery will also run for a long time. - Battery Saver App

Usage Analyzer:

The work of this application is that on which application you are using more time. In this, according to the day, seven days, and in a month, how much time you have given information about it. You will get a chart like in this application. Which will give you all the information. Through this application, in which day you will give information about which application you use more. In this, you will know in the timeline in history, how many times in a day, in which time you will get information about which application you have used for so long. - Battery Saver App

So knowing this thing, you will be able to control it. In this Usage Analyzer application, you will also know that how much space does the application prevent and how big is it, you can also remove the useless application from here. Due to which the speed of your phone and storage space in the phone will also increase. And with this, which application eats the most net data, it will also be known and knowing that you will be able to control it. - Battery Saver App

And I will tell you all the information about the new upcoming application in the future. So friends, hope you will like this information. - Battery Saver App


Keep in mind that when you see any applications in the market, you should first go to Google and read about them. And while installing in mobile, you should only use Google Play Store. Those applications are available in Google Play Store, you should use them.

Thank you all…. - Battery Saver App

Free Screen Recorder

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Free Screen Recorder:

Today we will give information about three free software and which will run best in the system. That may work for you. Before installing any software in your computer or laptop, it should be thoroughly investigated and that software will keep your data safe and secure, it is also necessary to know that information. - Free Screen Recorder

When you install any new software or application in your computer or laptop, do a search in Google once and know about it. Only then you have to install and use that software application in your computer or laptop. - Free Screen Recorder

So in the same way, you will give information about the software that works properly and keep your data safe and secure. By using which you can work with ease keeping your work fixed. - Free Screen Recorder

So let's know about those free software ....

Blender Software:

This software is very popular. Because it is used by the Blender Software professor. This Blender Software is used for 3D graphics where you can also create animations, create 3D printed models, create Mosan graphics, and create interactive 3D graphics, and the biggest thing is that computers You can create games here. This Blender Software is absolutely free. - Free Screen Recorder

But this software is a bit difficult, you have to learn. You can take help of YouTube to learn, you can learn from it for free. Once you have learned how to run this software, you will be of great use. And you can also earn from it.

Discord Software:

If you are a gamer, then you must have heard the name of this Discord Software. This Discord Software is used by more and more gamers. Many times while playing a game, you have to send voice, photo, and video or text to someone, then you can send it with the help of this software. And you can call, chat, video or message with anyone in it. This software runs in any system. That is, this software also runs on Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux. And this software is absolutely free, there is no type of chargeable. So, you can use this software in a simple way. And you can play gaming well. - Free Screen Recorder

OBS Software:

The full name of this OBS Software is Open Broadcaster Software. With the help of this software, you can do video recording. In addition, you can also do live streaming online. You can also go live while playing a game that is YouTube live. This software can be used by installing in Windows, Linux, and Mac. - Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder Software:

 I hope that this information has come for your use. If you find this information good and useful, then you will definitely lionize your friends.

     If you want information or information about any software, then you can lion by writing me a comment. I will definitely try to get it in front of you.

     Thank you all…. - Free Screen Recorder

For Farmer Brothers - Agriculture App

Agriculture App, Agrostar App.
Agriculture App

Agriculture App :

Hello Friends, Today I would like to tell you about Agriculture App. This information is for our peasant brothers. So farmer brothers, whatever information is required for their farm or whatever is needed, then with this app all the information of the farm can be known. - Agriculture App

 So the name of this app is Agrostar. So let's know in depth about this Agrostar App.

 Agrostar App :

 So friends, the size of this Agrostar App is just 7 Mb. This app has been produced in India. If you are a farmer, or if there is a farmer brother near you or in a group of friends. So definitely tell this information to her. What does he know that will be useful for his farm…! - Agriculture App

About Agrostar Company:

This company has been running in India for the last 10 years. The company started in Gujarat. After that the company is located in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. So Kisan brothers will provide online services and information through this Agrostar App. And whatever is needed, such as seeds, medicine, and hardware, all these things will be available to the farmer brothers sitting at home. There will be no delivery charge. Advisors are also placed in this Agrostar App Company. The agricultural advisor of the company gives all the information and advice of agriculture from his experience. The farmer brothers are informed from time to time on this application or via SMS on mobile. - Agriculture App 

In this information, which medicine do you have to use…?, Which seed to use…?, And how will you be able to produce more in less money…? You will continue to get information and advice. Apart from this, you buy things. Along with his original bill, the farmers will get medicines, seeds, and hardware. This shows that the peasant brothers get right and original things. The objective of this company is to benefit all the farmers. - Agriculture App

To join this Agrostar company, you will tell you this app as soon as you go to Google Play Store in your smart phone and write the name Agrostar. From where you can install in a simple way. If a Kisan bhai does not have a smart phone and is a simple mobile, then you can connect by calling the toll free number 1800-1203-232 of Agrostar Company. - Agriculture App

How to use Agrostar App…? :

So this Agrostar App you can install and download this Agrostar App in your mobile by going to Google Play Store in a simple way. But those farmers who do not have a smart phone, the toll free number of this Agrostar App is 1800-1203-232. By calling that number, all the information and things will be able to be achieved. And will also be able to register themselves. - Agriculture App

If you connect through this Agrostar App, then as soon as you open this app, all the information is visible in your mobile phone and from here you will get all the information and advice. It can send orders directly to the company with the help of App. And with firm orders, the peasant brothers also get advice and information. And this company makes this call from the front. And make sure that this order is yours or not. After that, punch the order, after that the farmers brothers get free delivery to the house. So here are the services of the application. - Agriculture App

 If the farmer brothers who have a plain phone do not have a smart phone, then they can call 1800-1203-232 this toll free number. Registration of that farmer in the company is done by computer. After some time a call will come from this company's help center. Those farmer brothers will be registered. And you can know all information and information. - Agriculture App

So if you have ordered anything in this Agrostar, then you will be delivered to your home within five days. And you can also know by asking advice yourself. It is not that if you order anything from here, then only support you till delivery, but this company stays with you till the end. - Agriculture App

 So friends, here is a free mobile application for our farmer brothers, using which you can improve the cooking of your farm. - Agriculture App

Download Agrostar App 

So friends, please share this information so that all our farmer brothers can benefit from it.

 Thank you….

Free Google Applications in Hindi

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App Play Store

Google Applications :

     Today, we will learn about five such Google applications of Google, which you will probably know. These five applications can be very useful to you, and these applications are getting free from Google. Which you can use for free. You can easily go to the menu on your mobile phone and install it by going to the Google Play Store.

 1. Google photo scan application:

     We can scan this application photo and keep it in our mobile phone. And with this application, we will also be able to scan it. There will be four points in it, you can scan it by setting that point in combination. And the quality of the photo drawn from this application will be very high. That is, the high definition (HD) photo will be Scan. - Google Applications

If you have a very old photocopy, then with the help of this application you can give that image codigital look.

2. Google measure Application:

 With the help of this Google measure application you can measure anything. If you do not have a scale, then you can measure with this Google measure application. This application can measure the length and width of anything. In this way you can know any thing. - Google Applications

3. Google trip Application:

 If you like to travel a lot, then you can make your travel easier by using this application. First of all, by installing this application and then opening this application, first of all, where do you want to go at the top…? He will come to a box to write. In that box, you will get all the information available as soon as you write the name of the area where you want to go. Where can you do the reservation in information, what are the many things in that area… She gives information easily. - Google Applications

4. Google neighborly application:

 If you go to a new place, then you do not know that place, then which shop is there in the area of ​​that place…? He can know many more information ... and you can know it by going to ask question and writing a question and asking questions in that application. In this application a lot of questions will come in advance, but you can find out the information by writing the questions directly. And you can save your time and reach that place in time. - Google Applications

 5. Google lens Application:

If there is something in front of you that you don't know what this thing is ...? So you can use this application to know its interest. In this simple way, your mobile camera will open as soon as you open this application. With this, the thing you do not know is to bring it to me as soon as you bring it ahead of me, then Google will tell you about that thing. - Google Applications

6. Inquiry About Application:

If you want to know about any application and software, then you can share me by writing in the comment box. I will try to make you aware about that application or software. - Google Applications

Thank you….

Free Apps - File Transfer Application - Notepin App

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Free Applications

Free Apps :

Today we will again provide information about the new Free Application. Which you can know and use that application. This application runs on every mobile phone and you can use it absolutely free. - Free Apps

But one thing to keep in mind that before installing any application or software, check that your data is safe or not, and you have to do so by installing the application from Google Play Store. In this way, I will tell you about the application available on the Google Play Store and the application that is being used for free. - Free Apps

  1. Notepin Application:

This application is available in Google Play Store, you can easily install this application by going to Google Play Store. I will give its link below. This application is made in India. Whose size is 9.3 MB. - Notepin App

In this application, you can write down your note. In this, it is new that you can also set Alarm by writing a note in it. If you mean you know for some work or have to do any special work at 5 pm, then you can go to the Notepin Application and write your work, title time and many details. And as soon as its time, then the application of Alarm will come. And you will miss that thing. With which you can do your work without forgetting.

2. Smash; File Transfer:

This Smash Application remains in France. We have been using We Transfer to do file transfers till date. But we can send or transfer files up to 2 GB in Trancfar. If a file or document is larger than 2 GB, then you are unable to transfer. If you want to transfer a large size file or document, then you can do this Smash File Transfer Application with help. Its specialty is that you can register and transfer any file without this. This application can be used by installing it for free. - File Transfer Application

3. Quick Cursor; one hand mouse point:

The job of this Quick Cursor application is that we have a notification menu at the top of our mobile. You can run it with the same finger key in a simple way. That means a 6.5 inch display is mobile. In order to get the above notifications and to open the applications that require a second hand, using this Quick Cursor Application, you can easily run any application easily. There will be a small circle point like this which will see you where your touching is being said. There is a very good application and absolutely free as well as Saif and Secure. - Free Apps

This application will also be easily found on the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, I will give you a link to Quick Cursor Application, where you can install it directly by clicking. - Free Apps

 I hope that you have liked this information and your work will also come in the friends.

4. Inquiry About Application:

If you want information about any other mobile application or computer software, you can share it by writing me in the comment box. And you can message me by going to Contact Us.

Mobile Settings Turn Off Now For Mobile Data, Speed Up, & Save Battery

Mobile Settings, Mobile Data, Mobile Speed Up, Save Mobile Battery
Mobile Settings

Importance of Mobile Settings :

Hello friends, today I will talk about some such mobile settings. After making these settings, you will be able to increase your mobile phone's internet data, mobile's battery, and mobile's running speed. And you will also be able to avoid being hanged. So let's know about those settings. This setting is for Android Mobile Phone.

 1. Setting For Save Mobile Battery, Ram, And Mobile Hanging:

First of all, go to your phone settings and go to About Phone. You will be the first to see Mi's phone. So after going to About Phone, clicking on Software Information will get the Build Number. 7 times to click on that Build Number. So clicking this way will activate Developer Option. After that you have to come back. There you will get Developer Option near About Phone. Click on it to go inside. After going inside you find the option of Check Background and click on it. There you will find lots of ops. So any application that you want, if the app does not run in the background, you can save your mobile battery as well as the mobile RAM by turning off the option of that app. When the remnant of your phone is saved, your phone will also be saved. And the running speed of your phone will also increase.

In Short:

Phone Settings - About Phone - Software Information - Build Number (7 times click) - Back - Find Developer Option Near About Phone - Check Background - And Do No Need Apps Option Off.

2. Settings for Mobile Internet Data and Battery Saving:

     You have to go to the Settings of Mobile by going to Account and Backup in a simple way. There you will find the option of Google Gmail Account. After clicking on it, click on SYNC Account and enter it. As soon as you enter, you will get lots of ops in it. Out of that, you have to allow only two options to be active. That first option with contact and second option with Gmail is to let only two options remain on. All other options have to be turned off. By doing this, whatever your Google Gmail Account is. He will not do any kind of information SYNC. Only your contact here and save Gmail will be SYNC. You have tied all the remaining opsno. If due to this, there will be no urgent SYNC, then your internet data will also be used less and your phone's battery will also not be spent.

Go To Settings - Account And Backup - Google Gmail Account - SYNC Account - And Keep Only On Contact And Gmail.

3. Settings for Mobile Battery Saving:

So first you go to Settings and click on Connections, you will get the option of More Connections Settings at the end. By clicking on it, the opson of Near By Scanning will start, then you have to bind this opson. What will happen with this, your mobile phone of friends will not scan any nearby device. This setting keeps scanning any device near your mobile while in operation. Which uses the battery of your mobile. And your battery runs out quickly.

Settings - Connections - Go Last Option (More Connections Settings) - Near By Scanning - And Do Turn Off.

So friends, by doing these three settings, you will start saving your mobile battery, internet data. You must try it. If you see a difference, then definitely write in the comment. So friends, I hope that this information will make your work easier.

 If you want to know about any kind of mobile app or computer software, then you can share me with Contact Us. I will definitely try to bring his information to you.

Thank you…. 

Open Source Software – GIMP - IOBIT Uninstaller

Open Source Software, GIMP, IOBIT Uninstaller, Davinci Resolve, Audacity, Free Software.
Free Software

Open Source Software :

In this post, about photoshop-like photo editor GIMP Free Software, IOBIT Free Software to completely remove any useless files in the computer, followed by free video editor which is good from Adobe Premier Davinci Information about Resolve, and about Free Audacity Audio Editor for editing Audio Editor is given.

 1. GIMP :

This software is for Creators. People who work with Photoshop a lot. And in such a situation, if you do not have money to buy Photoshop, then you can complete your work in this GIMP Free Software. It is similar to GIMP Free Software - Photoshop. You can make a photo in your own way. To say that Photoshop is the younger brother. In this software, you first need to know about all the tools that have been placed on it. Once you know. That this tool or option is located in this place, then you will have the ease to make any photo. This is GIMP Opensource Software, in which you can develop your creativity by putting a layer. You will also be able to complete your work with Free, Saif and Secure. In this, you can also create new Thumbnail. - GIMP

2. IOBIT Uninstaller :

This IOBIT Uninstaller Free Software friends completely remove any file or software in your computer. So you would think that why should I use this software to uninstall some software…? In such a way, I can uninstall by going to the Control Panel, so why install this software in my computer and stop the useless space…?

 So friends would like to tell you that whenever you go to a software control panel and uninstall it. So you have not removed the complete complete software, a small file of that software remains in your computer's C Draive or on the drive in which you installed it. It is not completely removed. So you do not even know that the file that this file is from is software uninstalled from me. So you do not think much about it and that file is also of a very small size, even after seeing its size, you will think that if it is so much now, if it is not deleted, what will be the difference…! - IOBIT Uninstaller

 But this file becomes a virus lying in your computer. And your computer keeps causing problems. And the second thing is when you uninstall any useless software. Then you keep asking you again and again. At the same time, clicking on Next-Next, you uninstall your useless software. So here, when you uninstall any useless software in IOBIT Uninstaller, you will see only and only the button of Uninstall, clicking once on the same button will remove your entire software. Also, if you delete all its files, then there will be no useless file in your computer, which can also save the space of your computer and prevent viruses from coming. You can buy this software if you want. But its free version can also be very useful for us, so you can also use this software for free. - IOBIT Uninstaller

3. Davinci Resolve :

   Friends, if you are working in Video Editor, then this software is going to be very useful for you. This software is also better than Adobe Premiere because in this software you get a lot of features with all the options and transitions in a simple way, apart from this you will also be able to do Audio Edit. Even if you have to design any animation, you will be able to do it in this software in a simple way. This Davinci Resolve software requires your computer's RAM size to be 8 Gb. If you do not like this Davinci Resolve software, then you can learn about the free software of video edit by going to my previous post, I have also told about the video edit software in further posts. You can click here to go to that post.

4. Audacity Audio Editor :

With AudacityAudio Editor, you can correct your voice editing. Through Audacity, you will be able to edit audio with Amplify, Bass Boost, Treble, Auto Tune and more. This is Audacity Open Source Softaware which is absolutely free, safe, and secure. It supports easily on any computer or laptop. This software is easy to understand. Which you can do your work for absolutely free. And it is also very smooth to run.


 So friends, I hope that this information will work for you. And with this you will also be able to do the work in a simple way.

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