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Free Applications

Free Apps :

Today we will again provide information about the new Free Application. Which you can know and use that application. This application runs on every mobile phone and you can use it absolutely free. - Free Apps

But one thing to keep in mind that before installing any application or software, check that your data is safe or not, and you have to do so by installing the application from Google Play Store. In this way, I will tell you about the application available on the Google Play Store and the application that is being used for free. - Free Apps

  1. Notepin Application:

This application is available in Google Play Store, you can easily install this application by going to Google Play Store. I will give its link below. This application is made in India. Whose size is 9.3 MB. - Notepin App

In this application, you can write down your note. In this, it is new that you can also set Alarm by writing a note in it. If you mean you know for some work or have to do any special work at 5 pm, then you can go to the Notepin Application and write your work, title time and many details. And as soon as its time, then the application of Alarm will come. And you will miss that thing. With which you can do your work without forgetting.

2. Smash; File Transfer:

This Smash Application remains in France. We have been using We Transfer to do file transfers till date. But we can send or transfer files up to 2 GB in Trancfar. If a file or document is larger than 2 GB, then you are unable to transfer. If you want to transfer a large size file or document, then you can do this Smash File Transfer Application with help. Its specialty is that you can register and transfer any file without this. This application can be used by installing it for free. - File Transfer Application

3. Quick Cursor; one hand mouse point:

The job of this Quick Cursor application is that we have a notification menu at the top of our mobile. You can run it with the same finger key in a simple way. That means a 6.5 inch display is mobile. In order to get the above notifications and to open the applications that require a second hand, using this Quick Cursor Application, you can easily run any application easily. There will be a small circle point like this which will see you where your touching is being said. There is a very good application and absolutely free as well as Saif and Secure. - Free Apps

This application will also be easily found on the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, I will give you a link to Quick Cursor Application, where you can install it directly by clicking. - Free Apps

 I hope that you have liked this information and your work will also come in the friends.

4. Inquiry About Application:

If you want information about any other mobile application or computer software, you can share it by writing me in the comment box. And you can message me by going to Contact Us.


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