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Free Video Edit

Free Applications :

Today I would like to inform about such application. Which is a completely free application that you can easily complete your small tasks by installing in your mobile phone. And this application is absolutely safe and secure. And is right for your mobile.

So let's know about that useful Mobile Free Application….

1. Ampere Mobile Application:

With the help of this free application, you can find out what is the charging speed of your mobile phone…? Or if you have taken a new power bank or a new wire lace charger, then you can know how much its charging speed is.

The size of this free application is 8.8 MB. You can easily install this application by going to Google Play Store. This application is made in Germany. And this application is available absolutely free.

Click here for the link for this free application.

2. PicShot Photo Editor:

 With this free photo edit app you can give a new look to your photo. It has many effects, which is completely new and attractive, so you can give a new look to any photo by using it.

This Free Photo Edit App is made in America. This application can be used absolutely free. This application runs in Android, Windows.

Click here for a link to this Free Photo Edit App.

3. Movavi Clips:

With the help of this Free Video Editing App, you will be able to edit videos in your own mobile. In this Movavi Clips Free Video Editing App, you can cut, Crop, Trim, video, as well as you can do your creativity. In this, you can also rotate, text and many transitions effects to your video.

If you have to edit videos of two-three shoots and upload them on social media, then you can edit any of your videos and upload that video clip on social media.

 This application is absolutely free. This application runs in all mobile phones. And of course Saif and Secure Application. So you can use this application anytime.

Click here for a link to this Free Video Editing App.

4. Snapdrop:

 Let me tell you that this is not an application, this is a website. Which works like Application. Suppose there is a file in your mobile that you want to take in your computer, then what will you do ...? So first you will take the cable cable of the mobile and connect it to your computer. After that, you will open the mobile phone and click on File Transfer and click on the file you want to take, copy it and paste it in your computer and take that file. - Free Applications

 So this work will be done with this Snapdrop, there is no need of any cable wire and there is no need to connect, then by opening this Snapdrop, you can directly transfer files from your mobile to your computer via your WiFi network. . And it can transfer files not only to computers but also to two mobile phones and laptops. - Free Applications

No file will be uploaded to it. Only your file will be transferred. To use it, you can put it on the Add Hom Screen in your mobile phone and you can transfer the file by opening it in one click as soon as it is on the Add Home Screen. - Free Applications

Note:   But be careful that you do not use this Snapdrop website in Public WiFi.

Click here for a link to this application. - Free Applications

So friends, this much for today, I hope that this information will help you and you will enjoy it. In the next post, I will bring some new applications and software that can work for you and you will be able to complete your work in a simple way by saving time. - Free Applications


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