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Free Software

Free PC Software:

     Hello friends, today I am going to tell you and information about Free PC Software. In the previous post, I told about two Free PC Software. Joe Folder Locker and Ms. Told about Office. If you have not known, I will give you the link. You can get information by clicking on that link. And I have also given a link to those two Free PC Software. Click here for that link. You can also go and download it for free.

  Now others know about the new Free PC Software.


1. Driverpack Solution:

     Sometimes it happens that something does not tell the signal of WiFi, it does not tell the Bluetooth device, it does not tell the graphics drive, the sound drive does not hear the sound. It comes due to missing. So here, with the help of this Driverpack Solution Software, you can eliminate all your problems with a single click. And that too for free…!


     So, how to download and install this Driverpack Solution Software ...? They know,


     First of all, open Google in your laptop or computer and search for it by writing Driverpack Solution. I will give it in its link, you can download it for free by clicking on it. After searching, gave it to you in the first bar. R. P's official website will be seen to click on it. On clicking, the green button of the install ol request driver will appear. You have to click on it. Clicking on it will start downloading Free PC Software.


     After downloading it has to be opened. As soon as you open, you will configure the computer automatically open the page. In this page you can see any file on the right side that is installed in your computer or laptop. And configured computer will automatically click on the green button, then you can install the drive missing inside your computer or laptop for free. - Free PC Software


     Apart from this, you can also download Driverpack Solution offline by canceling it offline. So for that you will get the option to download offline in the left side. But in offline the size of this software is above 17 GB. Which depends on you. If you need it again and again, you can download it offline and use it. - Free PC Software

2. Opera Browser With VPN:

     This Opera Browser With VPN is very useful if you don't use it then you should do it. If you download any file or software, if you open a redundant website, then you can open it in Opera Browser because in this Free Software you can hide your IP Address. You want that no hacker can let you know your IP address, you can use this free software, so that the person in front will not know from which IP address it has been searched. - Free PC Software


     First of all you type Opera Browser With VPN in Google search on your laptop or computer. After that, you will have to click on Opera's website. After clicking, there will be a green option of direct download, which is to be downloaded by clicking. After that it has to be installed. Simple is to open it after that. The VPN should appear in the left side after opening. If not, then click on the logo of Opera and go to the settings. After that, click on the Privacy and Security option, click on the enabled VPN. When you do this, whatever you search, your IP address will not be available to any person or hacker. This way you will be able to stay safe. - Free PC Software

Free software

     So friends today have told about two Free Software in the next post and I will tell about the new Free PC Software. Knowing that you will be able to run your computer safe and secure for free. And you will be able to run the computer easily.


     Thank you….


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