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Google Applications :

     Today, we will learn about five such Google applications of Google, which you will probably know. These five applications can be very useful to you, and these applications are getting free from Google. Which you can use for free. You can easily go to the menu on your mobile phone and install it by going to the Google Play Store.

 1. Google photo scan application:

     We can scan this application photo and keep it in our mobile phone. And with this application, we will also be able to scan it. There will be four points in it, you can scan it by setting that point in combination. And the quality of the photo drawn from this application will be very high. That is, the high definition (HD) photo will be Scan. - Google Applications

If you have a very old photocopy, then with the help of this application you can give that image codigital look.

2. Google measure Application:

 With the help of this Google measure application you can measure anything. If you do not have a scale, then you can measure with this Google measure application. This application can measure the length and width of anything. In this way you can know any thing. - Google Applications

3. Google trip Application:

 If you like to travel a lot, then you can make your travel easier by using this application. First of all, by installing this application and then opening this application, first of all, where do you want to go at the top…? He will come to a box to write. In that box, you will get all the information available as soon as you write the name of the area where you want to go. Where can you do the reservation in information, what are the many things in that area… She gives information easily. - Google Applications

4. Google neighborly application:

 If you go to a new place, then you do not know that place, then which shop is there in the area of ​​that place…? He can know many more information ... and you can know it by going to ask question and writing a question and asking questions in that application. In this application a lot of questions will come in advance, but you can find out the information by writing the questions directly. And you can save your time and reach that place in time. - Google Applications

 5. Google lens Application:

If there is something in front of you that you don't know what this thing is ...? So you can use this application to know its interest. In this simple way, your mobile camera will open as soon as you open this application. With this, the thing you do not know is to bring it to me as soon as you bring it ahead of me, then Google will tell you about that thing. - Google Applications

6. Inquiry About Application:

If you want to know about any application and software, then you can share me by writing in the comment box. I will try to make you aware about that application or software. - Google Applications

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