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What are the top 6 most popular videogames?

     Today friends, I would like to tell you about some such PC Game. Which you can easily play in your Windows computer for free. And enjoy it. So let's get to know about her.

Which is the No 1 game in India?

1. Forza apex:

     You can download this PC Games for free from Windows stores. This game is a racing car game. And friends, about seven to eight such games will be found in the Windows Store. So friends, you will find a lot of Forza apex game's Demo of Forza 3, Forza 4. You can download all this. But its graphics in Forza apex Game is very good. It seems a little reality while playing the game. In this game, it can be difficult to make the first turn. But as soon as you get the greed to play the game then you will enjoy it a lot. - Top PC Games


2. Killer instinct Game:

     You will get this Killer instinct game free from Microsoft. to your computer. But this game is for Windows 10 If your computer has old Windows then this game will not be visible to you for downloading. This game will only run on systems above Windows 10. This game is a 33 GB game, for this you need to be a big size computer, only then this game will be able to run smooth. - Top PC Games


3. Asphalt 4:

     We might have played this game in Friends Asphalt 4. This game is a racing car game. But if you want to play in better graphics and bigger screen, then you will get it for free in Windows Store. Turn off the test drive, if you play with the Key Board, then you will feel better. Its graphics are also good. - Top PC Games


4. Fortnite:

     This is another game like Game Pubg, people who cannot play Pubg can play Fortnite Game. What's in it friends, if you want to play this pub live game in Windows, then you have to apply for its license. So in that you have to pay money. So if you have to play Pubg and that too for free then you can download it in Fortnite Game Free and play it in your Windows computer. - Top PC Games


5. Gods of Rome Game:

     If you have to install the game with Fight, then the second Killer instinct Game is not running above the computer in your computer, then you can play Gods of Rome Game in your system and install it for free. Characters in it are of a very different type, it also has super power. And the graphics of this game are also very good. - Top PC Games


6. Gangstar New Orleans Game:

     If you can't buy GTA and play. So you can install this Gangstar New Orleans Game and play it for free. It does not have such good graphics but the game will play for the game. Once you will definitely play this game in all your systems, because this game runs well in Android, then it will also run well in your computer. - Top PC Games

Which is the biggest PC game?

     All these games are available in Windows stores from where you can download for free. To download just one game Fornite Game you have to resort to Google. - Top PC Games


     So friends, hope that you will like this information. - Top PC Games


     If you want to know about any new Computer Software and Mobile Application, then you can share me by writing in the comment box. And you can also share me in contact form. - Top PC Games


     Thank you….


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