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Agriculture App, Agrostar App.
Agriculture App

Agriculture App :

Hello Friends, Today I would like to tell you about Agriculture App. This information is for our peasant brothers. So farmer brothers, whatever information is required for their farm or whatever is needed, then with this app all the information of the farm can be known. - Agriculture App

 So the name of this app is Agrostar. So let's know in depth about this Agrostar App.

 Agrostar App :

 So friends, the size of this Agrostar App is just 7 Mb. This app has been produced in India. If you are a farmer, or if there is a farmer brother near you or in a group of friends. So definitely tell this information to her. What does he know that will be useful for his farm…! - Agriculture App

About Agrostar Company:

This company has been running in India for the last 10 years. The company started in Gujarat. After that the company is located in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. So Kisan brothers will provide online services and information through this Agrostar App. And whatever is needed, such as seeds, medicine, and hardware, all these things will be available to the farmer brothers sitting at home. There will be no delivery charge. Advisors are also placed in this Agrostar App Company. The agricultural advisor of the company gives all the information and advice of agriculture from his experience. The farmer brothers are informed from time to time on this application or via SMS on mobile. - Agriculture App 

In this information, which medicine do you have to use…?, Which seed to use…?, And how will you be able to produce more in less money…? You will continue to get information and advice. Apart from this, you buy things. Along with his original bill, the farmers will get medicines, seeds, and hardware. This shows that the peasant brothers get right and original things. The objective of this company is to benefit all the farmers. - Agriculture App

To join this Agrostar company, you will tell you this app as soon as you go to Google Play Store in your smart phone and write the name Agrostar. From where you can install in a simple way. If a Kisan bhai does not have a smart phone and is a simple mobile, then you can connect by calling the toll free number 1800-1203-232 of Agrostar Company. - Agriculture App

How to use Agrostar App…? :

So this Agrostar App you can install and download this Agrostar App in your mobile by going to Google Play Store in a simple way. But those farmers who do not have a smart phone, the toll free number of this Agrostar App is 1800-1203-232. By calling that number, all the information and things will be able to be achieved. And will also be able to register themselves. - Agriculture App

If you connect through this Agrostar App, then as soon as you open this app, all the information is visible in your mobile phone and from here you will get all the information and advice. It can send orders directly to the company with the help of App. And with firm orders, the peasant brothers also get advice and information. And this company makes this call from the front. And make sure that this order is yours or not. After that, punch the order, after that the farmers brothers get free delivery to the house. So here are the services of the application. - Agriculture App

 If the farmer brothers who have a plain phone do not have a smart phone, then they can call 1800-1203-232 this toll free number. Registration of that farmer in the company is done by computer. After some time a call will come from this company's help center. Those farmer brothers will be registered. And you can know all information and information. - Agriculture App

So if you have ordered anything in this Agrostar, then you will be delivered to your home within five days. And you can also know by asking advice yourself. It is not that if you order anything from here, then only support you till delivery, but this company stays with you till the end. - Agriculture App

 So friends, here is a free mobile application for our farmer brothers, using which you can improve the cooking of your farm. - Agriculture App

Download Agrostar App 

So friends, please share this information so that all our farmer brothers can benefit from it.

 Thank you….


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