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Android mobile tips:

So friends, today I would like to tell you information about some Android Mobile Tips. Which you can implement in your Android Mobile and you can complete your work easily without being disturbed.

      So let's know about those Mobile Tips.

1. Call Security: 

Yes friends, in your Android Mobile Phone, you want that apart from me, no one can call from my mobile, then you can keep this security for yourself. In this, it happens many times that our phone is lying on the table, then you go to work for the same reason for some reason and if someone calls someone from your phone and tells someone wrong, then you get stuck. . And many times we live with friends, so if our friend takes our phone and calls someone and does not make a dirty joke, he can also use these tips.

So how can we do Call Security in AndroidMobile Phone ...? So let's know those steps. You have to follow this step well.


Step 1:

 First you have to open the keypad with the call number in your mobile phone, in that you have to dial * # 31 #. All your outgoing calls will be tied as soon as you dial this number. And a small popup will come in that it will be written like Outgoing Caller ID Call Not Restricted. And below there will be an OK button, then you have to activate it by pressing the OK button. By doing this, all the contacts of your mobile will be outgoing tied.

So you can also open it at the time as per your wish. The longer you have to block the outgoing call, the longer you can keep it.


Step 2:

     Now if you need to make a call, then this security code has to be opened. So to open this security, you can activate the outgoing call again by applying another code. So for this, you have to open the number keypad again and dial # 31 #, as soon as you dial, a small popup will open which says that the outgoing Call Service Disabled means that the security you had kept is deactivated and you Click OK. Now you can call. So friends, in this way you will be able to keep your mobile phone safe.


     So friends, this code hides whatever Show My Caller ID in your phone. Because of which any call from your phone is unable to go. So in such a situation that you do not want to block any outgoing call from your phone, then you can secure the call by dialing this code.


2. Google Account SYNC / Auto SYNC:

     You must know this feature. This Google Account SYNC / Auto SYNC setting is available in all Android Mobile Phones.

     You will go to the settings of AndroidMobile. There you will get the option of Account and SYNC to be entered by clicking on it. Apart from that you will see Google Account on the same, if your phone is of Mi, then you will also tell Mi Account. But you just have to choose Google and not someone else. After clicking enter on Google Account, you will get many such options like SYNC Calendar, SYNC Contact, SYNC Gmail. So you have to do SYNC. Which is important for you.

     So by doing SYNC, your Gmail, your contacts and everything else you have done SYNC. It will be saved in your Google Gmail Account. This has the advantage of being mobile format without taking all the data by mistake. Or the mobile fell or broke or was stolen. In such a situation, when you add your Gmail account to your extra phone or new phone, then all your important contacts, emails that you have synced can get all the important data back.

Android Conclusion:

     I chose Google Account because it exists everywhere. It runs smoothly in all mobiles or computers or laptops and is filled with confidence that no one will be able to steal our data from there. So I would say that you should choose Google instead of choosing someone else.

 This Google Account is safe and secure for us. And to be used in a simple way.


So friends, I hope that this information will work for you. And will simplify your work.


     I thank all of you….


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