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Hello friends, today I am going to tell you information about Free Computer Software. Which you can make your work easier by installing in your Windows Computer. This free software can be useful to you every day.

So let's know about the new Free Computer Software.


1. Free Download Manager :

If you run internet in your computer or laptop, you connect to mobile and use mobile through net data. And you have 1.5 Gb or less data. And you have to download any big file in your computer. Suppose there is a file larger than your mobile net data. So downloading that file will destroy all your data. And when the data is exhausted, the downloading will also be canceled and if you have to download the same file on the second day, then it will start downloading again from 0 then your mobile data will be lost again.

 So when you download this big file in Free Download Manager, you can download it from the same. Meaning that you kept the 3 Gb file for download and downloaded up to 1.5 Gb, now the data of your mobile comes to an end. So you can stop it by clicking Stop / Push in the software and you can download it from the same place where you held Stop / Push the other day.

With this, you will be able to manage all your downloaded files very well. For this you have to download an extension. You have to download the software in your browser and another in your Windows Computer. After this, whenever you download a file in the browser, your file will start downloading directly after coming into the Free Download Manager software.

This Free Download Manager is absolutely free, safe and secure. By using this software, you can do your work easily.

 2. Bitdefender Antivirus:

If your computer or laptop does not have Antivirus software or its License Version is over. Or if there is no money to buy another, then you can use this Bitdefender Antivirus software in your computer. This software is absolutely free as well as Saif and Secure. This Bitdefender Antivirus protects your computer or laptop from viruses. This software will run smoothly in your computer, it does not take much load.

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When you go to another website. And if there is a virus on that website, then this software also informs you that do not go to that website. There is a risk of virus coming from there, so it informs you that there are many more features. Which you can use in your Windows Computer or Laptop.

So friends have told about this two Free Software. I hope that this information will work for you. And will simplify your work.

If friends, you want to know about a Free Computer Software or Mobile Application. So you can send me by writing to Contact Us. I will definitely try to reach you about him.

   Thank you…


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