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Mobile Settings, Mobile Data, Mobile Speed Up, Save Mobile Battery
Mobile Settings

Importance of Mobile Settings :

Hello friends, today I will talk about some such mobile settings. After making these settings, you will be able to increase your mobile phone's internet data, mobile's battery, and mobile's running speed. And you will also be able to avoid being hanged. So let's know about those settings. This setting is for Android Mobile Phone.

 1. Setting For Save Mobile Battery, Ram, And Mobile Hanging:

First of all, go to your phone settings and go to About Phone. You will be the first to see Mi's phone. So after going to About Phone, clicking on Software Information will get the Build Number. 7 times to click on that Build Number. So clicking this way will activate Developer Option. After that you have to come back. There you will get Developer Option near About Phone. Click on it to go inside. After going inside you find the option of Check Background and click on it. There you will find lots of ops. So any application that you want, if the app does not run in the background, you can save your mobile battery as well as the mobile RAM by turning off the option of that app. When the remnant of your phone is saved, your phone will also be saved. And the running speed of your phone will also increase.

In Short:

Phone Settings - About Phone - Software Information - Build Number (7 times click) - Back - Find Developer Option Near About Phone - Check Background - And Do No Need Apps Option Off.

2. Settings for Mobile Internet Data and Battery Saving:

     You have to go to the Settings of Mobile by going to Account and Backup in a simple way. There you will find the option of Google Gmail Account. After clicking on it, click on SYNC Account and enter it. As soon as you enter, you will get lots of ops in it. Out of that, you have to allow only two options to be active. That first option with contact and second option with Gmail is to let only two options remain on. All other options have to be turned off. By doing this, whatever your Google Gmail Account is. He will not do any kind of information SYNC. Only your contact here and save Gmail will be SYNC. You have tied all the remaining opsno. If due to this, there will be no urgent SYNC, then your internet data will also be used less and your phone's battery will also not be spent.

Go To Settings - Account And Backup - Google Gmail Account - SYNC Account - And Keep Only On Contact And Gmail.

3. Settings for Mobile Battery Saving:

So first you go to Settings and click on Connections, you will get the option of More Connections Settings at the end. By clicking on it, the opson of Near By Scanning will start, then you have to bind this opson. What will happen with this, your mobile phone of friends will not scan any nearby device. This setting keeps scanning any device near your mobile while in operation. Which uses the battery of your mobile. And your battery runs out quickly.

Settings - Connections - Go Last Option (More Connections Settings) - Near By Scanning - And Do Turn Off.

So friends, by doing these three settings, you will start saving your mobile battery, internet data. You must try it. If you see a difference, then definitely write in the comment. So friends, I hope that this information will make your work easier.

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