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Open Source Software :

In this post, about photoshop-like photo editor GIMP Free Software, IOBIT Free Software to completely remove any useless files in the computer, followed by free video editor which is good from Adobe Premier Davinci Information about Resolve, and about Free Audacity Audio Editor for editing Audio Editor is given.

 1. GIMP :

This software is for Creators. People who work with Photoshop a lot. And in such a situation, if you do not have money to buy Photoshop, then you can complete your work in this GIMP Free Software. It is similar to GIMP Free Software - Photoshop. You can make a photo in your own way. To say that Photoshop is the younger brother. In this software, you first need to know about all the tools that have been placed on it. Once you know. That this tool or option is located in this place, then you will have the ease to make any photo. This is GIMP Opensource Software, in which you can develop your creativity by putting a layer. You will also be able to complete your work with Free, Saif and Secure. In this, you can also create new Thumbnail. - GIMP

2. IOBIT Uninstaller :

This IOBIT Uninstaller Free Software friends completely remove any file or software in your computer. So you would think that why should I use this software to uninstall some software…? In such a way, I can uninstall by going to the Control Panel, so why install this software in my computer and stop the useless space…?

 So friends would like to tell you that whenever you go to a software control panel and uninstall it. So you have not removed the complete complete software, a small file of that software remains in your computer's C Draive or on the drive in which you installed it. It is not completely removed. So you do not even know that the file that this file is from is software uninstalled from me. So you do not think much about it and that file is also of a very small size, even after seeing its size, you will think that if it is so much now, if it is not deleted, what will be the difference…! - IOBIT Uninstaller

 But this file becomes a virus lying in your computer. And your computer keeps causing problems. And the second thing is when you uninstall any useless software. Then you keep asking you again and again. At the same time, clicking on Next-Next, you uninstall your useless software. So here, when you uninstall any useless software in IOBIT Uninstaller, you will see only and only the button of Uninstall, clicking once on the same button will remove your entire software. Also, if you delete all its files, then there will be no useless file in your computer, which can also save the space of your computer and prevent viruses from coming. You can buy this software if you want. But its free version can also be very useful for us, so you can also use this software for free. - IOBIT Uninstaller

3. Davinci Resolve :

   Friends, if you are working in Video Editor, then this software is going to be very useful for you. This software is also better than Adobe Premiere because in this software you get a lot of features with all the options and transitions in a simple way, apart from this you will also be able to do Audio Edit. Even if you have to design any animation, you will be able to do it in this software in a simple way. This Davinci Resolve software requires your computer's RAM size to be 8 Gb. If you do not like this Davinci Resolve software, then you can learn about the free software of video edit by going to my previous post, I have also told about the video edit software in further posts. You can click here to go to that post.

4. Audacity Audio Editor :

With AudacityAudio Editor, you can correct your voice editing. Through Audacity, you will be able to edit audio with Amplify, Bass Boost, Treble, Auto Tune and more. This is Audacity Open Source Softaware which is absolutely free, safe, and secure. It supports easily on any computer or laptop. This software is easy to understand. Which you can do your work for absolutely free. And it is also very smooth to run.


 So friends, I hope that this information will work for you. And with this you will also be able to do the work in a simple way.

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