PhotoScape - Grammarly - Notepad++ Free PC Softwares

Free PC Softwares

Free PC Softwares :

Hello Friends, Free software to reduce the size of photo or image in this post, which is software for English Grammar. Information has been given about him. Which you can use to make your work easier. And can complete the timings.

 So let's know about Free PC Software that works for you.

 1. PhotoScape:

This PhotoScape software runs in your computer for free. If you have to upload your photo somewhere and ask to upload it in a lower size there. For example, if you submit a form on a government website and you ask to upload the photo within 20 Kb, then with the help of this PhotoScape software you can reduce the size of your photo without losing the clarity of your photo. Along with this, you can also edit the photo. You can also use PhotoScape as a photo weaver.

In this software, you also get an option to edit many more. Such as brightness, color adjustment, cropping, back light correction, text, red eye removal, animated GIF, screen capture and many other options are available for editing.

Click here for a link to PhotoScape

This software runs smoothly in Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8.

2. Grammarly:

If you do not know English well and you have to send some kind of email or letter in computer to someone in English, or send message to someone in English. Or do any kind of writing in which your English grammar needs to be correct. So in such a way that you do not know English, then through this Grammarly you can purify your writing and English spelling. When you write anything, Grammarly will immediately inform you that its spelling is wrong and the correct spelling is this. And you have omitted this word in this sentence. Just like in information of technology, you write sentences and if you have forgotten to put in between, then it will give you advice or inform you that you have forgotten to write this word at this place. This way will help you write English.

Along with this, any sign such as full stop (.), Question mark (?), Coma (,), etc., etc., where you put the sign, if you forget it at the time of writing, then you will inform it at the same time. . So that you can improve the quality of your work writing.

 For this, you just have to register. This facility has been built by the Google company. So now the Google company has made this facility available, so what will be 100 percent safe and secure. So by going there, you can register and use it for your work for free.

So click here for a link to Grammarly

3. Notepad ++:

This is Notepad ++ completely free software. This software website remains for developers. In this software, the HTML code of the website tells which number it is and in this software you have to find a word. He also searches and tells. Believe it or not, you create a website. So to create a website, you create it by writing HTML code. And you have also made it. And if you want to change that code in future, then you copy the entire code of that website and put it in this Notepad ++. So you search for any cod. For example, in which place the word <body> is located, you have to see it. Then will tell you. For this, by pressing Ctrl + F, typing the word <body> and clicking Find Next will tell you everywhere that where it is said.

And also tells you which number is in the line. And by going to the HTML code of your website at that place, you can copy any other code and keep it at that place. This is when you use free templates for your website. So in this you will see that you are unable to search HTML code in the free template. Then we find it difficult to find that word. So you can search the words of that code using Notepad ++.

  So click here for a link to Notepad ++.


So friends today have told you about three free software. Hope this information will work for you. And will make your work easier.

 My thanks to all of you…. 


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