Save Your Phone Battery And Internet Data By Making These Settings

Mobile Battery saving
Mobile Settings

Save Your Phone Battery :

 This post will give information about some mobile settings. In the previous post, I gave information about its three steps. The settings of previous posts are also very important for you. You can go to that post by clicking here. And with that information in that post, you can improve your mobile settings by changing it.

So let's know about other important mobile settings.

1. Turn Off Usage And Diagnostics:

     Friends, this setting is Google's settings. This setting remains active in your mobile just like that. Which is named Usage and Diagnostics, to bind this setting, you have to first go to your mobile settings and click on Google and open it. After that you will see three points at the top of the mobile screen. On clicking that point, you will get the option of Usage And Diagnostics. Clicking on it will get an on and off button. So this button has to be turned off.

By doing this, friends will not be able to update your use of mobile in Google. When Google does not have an upgrade, it will save both your mobile battery and internet data.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Scanning:

Open by pressing the location in the navigation bar above your mobile phone. After that you will get an option of scanning and Improve Accuracy in Mi phone. It has to lock the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ops.

By making settings like this, whenever you use the location. So it will not scan Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So when you do not scan, then your phone battery is left.

3. Turn Off Other Notifications:

     If you are very upset with Notifications or AIDS of Binjuri Mobile. So it should be tied. So to bind the notifications of the Binjuri mobile app, first go to your phone's settings and go to the apps. Apps that you have installed in your mobile. Will tell all apps there. From the app whose notifications you want to stop there, you can turn off the opson with the notifications by clicking on that app. So that notifications of that app will not come.

In the current Mi phone, the option of Notifications will be found as soon as it goes into its settings. By clicking on it, you can turn off the notifications of whatever unapproved app is there.

 5. Turn Off Google Play Store Auto Apps & Auto Video Update:

     So to turn off this settings, you have to first open the Google Play Store on your mobile phone. At the top of the opening, there will be three lines in the left hand, clicking on it, go to Settings. After going into the settings, you have to turn off the auto update apps & auto play video option.

By doing such settings, there will be an automatic update in your mobile. Which will save your mobile battery and internet data as well.

5. Turn Off Unknown Sources:

     These settings are necessary to protect your mobile phone and prevent it from being hacked. So to do this settings, by going to Settings and clicking in the app's option, in the right hand you will get three points above. Those who have to click on Special Access as soon as they click. As soon as you click on Special Access, then click on Install Unknown Apps in it. Clicking on it will give you a list of all the apps. So you have to open all the apps and turn them off in turn.

This will make it be any application of friends, he will not be able to install any kind of third party application in your phone and from any third party website in your phone. So by binding it, you will be able to install any app from Google Play Store only. So that your phone will be safe and safe. This will not cause any virus in your phone and will also be secure.

So friends, I hope that this information will work for you. So in today's post I have told about five settings. You will definitely try If you see any difference, then definitely do comment.

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