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 Hello friends, all of you are welcome to my website. I started blogging on slymart.com for this, I hope all of you will be Saif. This website has been created to provide information about free mobile applications and computer free software to all of you. And you will all see that there is a lot of application and software available in the Google Play Store in a lot of proof.

So I want to say, what kind of application can you use…?, And the biggest thing is, will that application or any software be able to keep your data and you safe and secure…? I will try to tell the same. That any software or application you use should be safe and secure. If you are installing and using a wrong application without knowing it then it can be very bad for you. And you can also be ruined.

Yes friends, along with this technology, there are some applications that can make you believe in using your data to walk on the wrong path. Like recently a game of blue whale came. Do not know what to do and tell him to kill the child and tell him to die. And how many people have died. So keeping this in mind, I thought what would be the time ahead ...? What we don't know ...?

Therefore, I will tell you that before installing any application or software in your system, first take out its complete information and then use it and I will say that by installing the same application available on Google Play Store in your mobile Use it. If someone asks you to download and use it from another website, then know about it. Before installing that application, go to its website and get to know about the person who created it, only then you proceed.

—Website Owner —-

Name: Kanika Jha

Email: kanika6889jha@gmail.com

The owner of this website is Kanika Jha. Those who have created this website to provide information about the new mobile application online following their passion. On this website, you will get the percentage correct and any application or computer software that is safe and secure for you will be found on this website. Which will advise you to never use the wrong application or software.


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